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Emergency Medical Doctor Services

1. Do I have to have a form of insurance or a form of payment before I am treated? Answer: Yes we confirm payment for services before treatment because we are private for profit organization and we don’t accept any government grant or subsidy. 2. If I call 911 and the ambulance picks me up do I have the right to tell them which medical facility to take me. Answer: Yes in general the ambulance will take you to the nearest appropriate facility but it is your duty to insist that the ambulance crew to take you to the facility of your choice. 3. If I am having labor pain can I come to your emergency room for the delivery of my baby Answer: No 

4. Can I get refill for my medication if my family doctor is not available to give me the refill at the time that I need it.
Answer: Yes provided that the medication is not a narcotic.

5. if I miss work or school due to illness and I need return to work/return to school excuse will your facility give me one.
Answer: Yes provided that you present yourself for an examination by one of our doctors.

6. will your facility regularly manage my chronic pain.
Answer: our facility will only manage acute flare up of your chronic pain.
7. What is the minimum consultation fee?
Answer : $40