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I’m impressed that emergency medical doctor services was able to provide my child X-ray for his injury and he was diagnosed with fractured of his arm in less than 15 minutes he was treated and became pain free in less than 30 minutes

                                                 Angela, South Houston TX

Emergency Medical Doctors Services is a company of doctors that provide emergency and urgent medical care to patient of all ages, our commitment to the community is to provide excellent emergency or urgent care services. We have affiliation with reputable hospitals and medical specialist that we refer complicated cases that are beyond our capacity of care. When in need of emergency or urgent medical care consider calling us or stopping at one of our locations.



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Phone : 713-910-0000

Emergency Medical Doctor Services has been wonderful in caring for all of our family member including our infant children and our elderly grandparents.  We trust our physicians and know they will treat our family with the highest level of care.
                                                     Bettina, Pasadena TX